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Global Real Estate Welcome Reception – August 7, 2018

Edward Beshara, Managing Partner, attended the Global Real Estate Welcome Reception that was hosted by Moneycorp USA.

The event was a great opportunity to network with global real estate agents from throughout the State and Internationally.


Mayor Dyer’s Annual State of the City Address – August 7, 2018

Edward Beshara, Managing Partner, attended Mayor Dyer’s Annual State of the City Address on Tuesday, August 7, 2018, that took place at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

To listen to the Mayor speech click HERE

Coming Events

FREE Seminar on U.S. Immigration and Real Estate – August 22, 2018

In Cooperation with the Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce (CFBACC)

What: U.S. Immigration and Real Estate

How can the purchase of Real Estate assist with the E-2 and/or EB-5 investment requirements?

Learn also about the benefits of membership with the CFBCC

When: On Wednesday, August 22, 2018, from 10:00 AM EST.

Where: I-DRIVE NASCAR (5228 Vanguard Street, Orlando Florida 32819)

RSVP: Click the link Here to register. Space is Limited

Seminar Hosts:

Edward Beshara, Managing Partner of Beshara Global Migration Law Firm based in Orlando Florida.

Edward has been exclusively practicing U.S. business immigration law for over 35 years and EB-5 for 27 years. He is an active member of Invest in the USA and serves on its New EB-5 Markets Committee and Best Practices Committee.

Miguel Kaled, a well known and respected in the Central Florida Business Community Real Estate Developer, Residential and Commercial Realtor, and International Business Developer.

Currently, Miguel is working on several residential development projects in the metro Orlando area.


Global Alliance Association of Realtors Seminar – August 15, 2018

Edward Beshara, Managing Partner, will be speaking at the Global Alliance Committee (Osceola County Association of Realtors) on a panel that will discuss EB-5 visas and Immigration and more.


The Canadian Workshop – August 15, 2018

Edward Beshara, Managing Partner, will be attending the Canadian Workshop organized by Global Real Estate Services, Inc.

The event is a great opportunity to network and gain an insight into Canadian Buyers needs and the resources available to provide additional value to the client.

Immigration News

New USCIS Policy “Effective 09/11/2018” to Deny Petitions/Applications Without Issuing RFE or NOID For Missing Threshold Evidence.

Effective 09/11/2018, there will be a change with the policy. When petitioner or applicant fails to include “initial evidence” which are required threshold documents/evidence for such petition or application, the USCIS will “deny” such petition or application rather than rejecting or issuing RFE or NOID to give them a second chance. Read the Policy Memorandum

Effective 08/09/2018, Accrual of Unlawful Presence Rule Applied to F, J, M Nonimmigrants.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has published a revised final policy memorandum (PDF, 129 KB) related to unlawful presence after considering feedback received during a 30-day public comment period that ended June 11, 2018. Under the revised final policy memorandum, effective Aug. 9, 2018, F and M nonimmigrants who fall out of status and timely file for reinstatement of that status will have their accrual of unlawful presence suspended while their application is pending.

Statistics of H-1B RFEs and Denials in 2017 – August 2, 2018

  • According to the report of National Foundation for American Policy, H-1B employers and high-tech foreign workers have suffered shocking rate of H-1B RFEs and Denials in 2017 as follows: H-1B RFEs in FY 2017:
  • 1st Quarter: 17% RFEs
  • 3rd Quarter: 23% RFEs
  • 4th Quarter: 69%RFEs
  • H-1BDenials in FY 2017:
  • 41% increase of denials of H-1B petitions between 3rd Quarter and 4th Quarter: In 3rd Quarter, 15.9% of H-1B cases were denied, while in 4th Quarter, 22.4% of H-1B cases were denied.

DHS Released on 08/07/2018 FY-2017 Entry-Exit Overstay Report

  • The highlight of the report includes the following: Total 52,656,022 in-scope nonimmigrant admissions to the United States through air or sea POEs
  • Overstays: 701,900 (1.33% of Total Entrants)

Court Orders USCIS to Issue EAD for Asylum Seekers Within 30 Days

The USCIS was required to issue EAD to the asylum seekers within 30 days, but the USCIS has failed to keep this rule. American Immigration Council brought a class action lawsuit before a federal court, and on 07/26/2018, the court sustained the lawsuit and ordered USCIS to keep the rule and issue EADs within 30 days for asylum seekers pursuant to the existing rule. See the court decision.

September 2018 Visa Bulletin Released

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