Naturalization and Citizenship

After the qualifying period of Permanent Residency, BESHARA GLOBAL MIGRATION LAW FIRM assists clients with applying for U.S. citizenship, including preparing for the U.S. Citizenship test.

–  OBTAINING U.S. NATURALIZATION CITIZENSHIP (N400 APPLICATION) FOR U.S. PERMANENT RESIDENTS – The Foreign National Who Has Been a U.S. Permanent Resident for Five Year or Three Years if Married to a U.S.  Citizen Who May Apply for Naturalization to Become a U.S. Citizen

–  OBTAINING CERTIFICATE OF U.S. CITIZENSHIP (N600 APPLICATION) IMMEDIATE RIGHT TO CITIZENSHIP – The Foreign National Who May Already be a U.S. Citizen Based Upon a Family Relationship with a U.S. Citizen and May File an Application for a U.S. Citizenship Certificate.


Lead Attorney Who Practices in This Area

Edward C. Beshara

P: (407) 571-6878

E: ebeshara@besharapa.com

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