EB-5 Projects

An EB-5 Project is the actual business entity into which the EB-5 Investor will make their investment and that performs the business activities that create the required jobs.

Direct EB-5 Projects are often used by individual investors interested in managing their own business. Only Direct jobs can be counted towards the USCIS required job creation.

EB-5 Projects can also be associated with regional centers and provide for a less active management role for investors but can take advantage of indirect and induced job creation.

The proper legal and financial infrastructures and compliant documentation is essential for any EB-5 Project. BESHARA PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION assists U.S. businesses and developers with establishing these required infrastructures for compliance with USCIS rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.

BESHARA GLOBAL MIGRATION LAW FIRM manages an experienced team of EB-5 professionals from other experienced firms, including Economists, Business Planners, Securities Attorneys, Marketing Analysts, and licensed broker-dealers to ensure compliance and marketability.

BESHARA GLOBAL MIGRATION LAW FIRM also has strong and strategic alliances with licensed broker-dealers that provide investors for EB-5 project funding and professional firms with offices in more than 50 countries, including in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and South America, providing both EB-5 and non-EB-5 legal services.
–  Direct versus Regional Center Projects
–  Associating with existing Regional Centers
–  Legal and Financial Infrastructures of EB-5 Project
–  Review of Business Plans, Economic Job Creation Reports, Securities Offering Documentation
–  Licensed Broker-Dealer Cooperation
–  Due Diligence Services
–  Compliance and Best Practices
–  Targeted Employment Area Designation

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